The Young Israel of Hollis Hills-Windsor Park operates the South Bayside/Hollis Hills eruv. It covers the area bounded by the Clearview Expressway, Northern Boulevard, the Cross Island Parkway/Alley Pond Park, and the Grand Central Parkway. It allows Jews living within a wide area to walk around the community on Shabbat without worrying about the usual restrictions that come with the prohibition against carrying on Shabbat. In addition, the eruv has a corridor extension that runs along the south side of Union Turnpike and the west side of Francis Lewis Boulevard, joining our eruv with the Holliswood eruv.

Below is a map of the eruv. Please contact Rabbi Kornblau if you are unsure about the status of a specific street.

Bayside/Hollis Hills Eruv

The status of the eruv is available by calling the shul erev Shabbos and Yom Tov.
Call (718)224-2100 and press 3 for eruv status.